Openfarm - Mediterranean Secret Box / Semi (6 Month Subscription)


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Do you like surprises? Every month, we bring to your door goodies that we love!

Do you like surprises?

Are you eager to discover new tastes from the wonderful producers in our network, but don't know what to choose first?

we've got you covered...

Trust us, we've got it covered...For the next 3 months, we're bringing nature treats we love to your door!

By choosing a 6 month subscription, you receive themed collections with yummy & matching products, while enjoying important benefits:

=> 10% extra products in every package!

=> 10% discount in our store Openfarm Agora for the entire duration of your subscription!

=> Two double invitations to a workshop of your choice!

=> Small gifts that we choose according to the season and our activities

=> A fragrant bouquet of dried lavender in each box.

=> seeds for planting