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One of the most recognizable aromatics of Greek nature, with infinite applications in your kitchen!

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SEVI Exceptional Botanic started in October 2016 when the first plants of oregano, sage and rosemary were planted just outside of Drama in Ano Pyxari, in a cluster of settlements, in the village of Teichos. In the following years, plants of mountain tea, thyme, thrush, mint, honeysuckle, lovage and chamomile were established. A total of 15 acres of aromatic and medicinal plants are cultivated.

Oregano is found in almost all the Mediterranean countries of Europe and Africa, but also in the temperate zones of Asia and America. The geographical distribution (longitude and latitude, altitude) seems to be a determining factor in the quantity of essential oil and the quality of oregano. The variation observed has to do mainly with the different climatic conditions that prevail in the different geographical areas.

The Greek populations of the species are divided into three subspecies, ssp. vulgare, ssp. hirtum and ssp. viridulum. The most widespread of the three subspecies is ssp. hirtum (known internationally as Greek oregano) and has the highest content of essential oils. This subspecies is internationally considered as the best "type of oregano", known by the trade name Greek oregano, for this reason it is also the most sought after, having excellent quality.

Quantity: 50 gr

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