Samythos - Organic Tahini Wholegrain with Honey And Spices BIO


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Samythos - Organic Tahini Wholegrain, 200gr

Tags: Gluten Free Superfood Energy Build-up Greek Breakfast Spreads Fasting Accompaniments Bio Vegetarian Vegan

With a production unit in the Vrysikas of Evros, the SAMYTHOS cottage industry produces traditional -as well as innovative- sesame products using  raw  the local variety of sesame (Evros variety), exclusively harvested in its mountainous, organic, privately owned farms. The farm is located within the  Natura Network and the production is strictly supervised. The production is carried out through the combination of low yields and mountainous microclimate.

Based on Cold Pressed Organic Tahini, this recipe offers a balanced taste that gives us a bouquet of aromas of sesame, sweet organic Ceylon cinnamon, slightly bitter organic cloves along with a bit of sweetness deriving from the honey.

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