Ospria Xasion - Black Beluga Lentil , 500 gr


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  • Weight: 500 gr
Ospria Xasion - Black Beluga Lentil, 500gr

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In a beautiful village in the southern part of the Greven County, Karpero, the Papadopoulos family chose to develop model crops of legumes and cereals. Farmers, with a great love for the land and its products, have always cultivated large acres of grain, legumes, cereals, vegetables and aromatic plants, knowing full well their nutritional value. 

Black lentils are also known as beluga lentils because they are small black bead-shaped lentils. They are as nutritious as conventional lentils but more easily digested, and they contain a high amount of fiber and protein, especially iron.

Quantity: 500gr