Sweet Stories from the Open Farms


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Sweet Stories from the Open Farms

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A collection of sweet flavors directly from the open farms.

  • FRUIT STORIES EDESSA  (Edessa) - Fig spoon sweet
  • DRUPES (Ancient Sikyona, Corinth) , Organic Petimezi from Pomegranate
  • SAMYTHOS (Evros) , Organic Tahini Wholegrain - Unhulled - Cold Pressed with Organic Raw Honey & Spices,  200 gr
  • HIPPOCRATES  FΑRM (Meteora ), Hippocrates Farm sea buckthorn covered with dark chocolate, 80 gr
  • SOTIRALE FAMILY (Neapoli Lakonia)  - Bio mead honey, traditional alcoholic beverage, produced from honey and water through fermentation, 250 ml

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