Naoumidis - Hot Paprika Smoked BIO, 40gr


Authentic red, sweet, smoked and grounded Florina pepper. Homemade product, without additives.

Tags: Dried & Sundried Fasting Bio Vegetarian Vegan Spices

In Agios Panteleimonas in the Prefecture of Florini, at an altitude of six hundred meters and in a particularly dry microclimate, the Naoumidis family grows organically and produces innovative products in a handmade way, which exclusively have as raw material the local varieties of the Florini pepper. In order to ensure the authenticity of the specific variety, the family maintains its own seedbed.

Genuine red, smoked and ground Florini pepper.

Handmade product, without preservatives.

It is added to all foods giving a hint of smoky pepper.

Quantity: 40 gr

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