"Evros solidarity box"


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Honey, olive, wine.... Vine, beehive, olive tree... The fire burned our land and production, but it could not touch our dreams and hope. Together united, we will be reborn from our ashes!

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An excellent proposal of Evros products and an essential act of solidarity towards three young producers of the region,

who lost their olives, vines, and beehives during last August Big Fire.

Purchased these excellent products produced in Evros, we can contribute to the financial support of the producers of the region.

"Evros solidarity box" includes:

Hatzisavva Wineyards - Malagouzia Dry White Wine

Fermented with indigenous yeasts and unfiltered. 9 days skin contact.

Golden-yellow color, intense aromatic bouquet, with high acidity and a fat and voluminous body.

Aromas of white flowers, white flesh and tropical fruits!

The vineyard and winery of the Hatzisavva family are located northwest of Alexandroupoli, in unspoiled Thrace. Planted on a slope, they gaze proudly from Ainos to the island of Samothrace, "breathing" the breeze of the Thracian Sea.

 Konos Estate Mihelis - Konos EVOO Tin Can, 500ml

In the northernmost part of Greece, they have been cultivating, for four generations, the local Makris variety in their traditional olive grove. In recent years, they have been able to export the olive oil "cold", in the privately owned two-phase olive mill, just a few hours after the olives have been harvested.

Olives variety: Makris 100%

Fruit maturity stage: medium ripe - ripe

Oiling: by "cold extraction"

Unfiltered product at bottling after natural sedimentation.

The intense aromas of fruits such as banana, mango, pear as well as flowers subtly combine with tones of tomato leaves, grass and olive, creating a harmonious and "sweet" olive oil with moderate fruitiness and a long aftertaste.

 Karafylidis family, Got to Bee - Oak Honey, 250gr

The Karafyllidis family has been involved in beekeeping and honey standardization since 1970, a family tradition that has been passed down from father to son and grandfather to grandson for 53 years.

It is produced in the mountains of the Prefecture of Evros, from the honeydew of the oak tree.

Slightly astringent taste with a strong and very rich aroma. Mild smoky aftertaste.

Recommended with fish, meat, goat cheese, baked cheeses, ice cream

Rich in potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium

Very strong antioxidant. It has beneficial Properties and helps in the good health of the body. It has a soothing effect on flu and disorders of the bowel and urinary system thanks to its antimicrobial, disinfectant and aseptic properties.

    "Honey, olive, wine.... Vine, beehive, olive tree...

      The fire burned our land and production, but it could not touch our dreams and hope.

       Together united, we will be reborn from our ashes!!”