Nikolaou Family - Handmade Pure Soap sandalwood scent.(Cold Process), 100gr


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Soap made from extra virgin olive oil and sandalwood essential oil.

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Almost two centuries of continuous operation have passed and the company is now in the hands of the sixth generation of Nikolaos. The traditional processing technology of the olive fruit has given way to modern know-how, always with mechanical methods that respect both the product and the final consumer, as well as the environment. The competitive advantage of the Nikolaou Family is that it controls every stage of olive oil production and is thus a guarantee for its quality.

Soap made from extra virgin olive oil and sandalwood essential oil.

Cold Method

100% handmade

Environmentally friendly

The antioxidant properties of sandalwood and its intense aroma create a special soap with rich foam! The woody aroma of sandalwood has a soothing effect, relaxes and stimulates the senses, helping to fight stress and concentration, which is why it is also used in meditation.

It is prepared through the cold method and thus preserves the natural glycerin produced during saponification.

Nikolaou Family cold process soaps are 100% handmade. They contain extra virgin olive oil, water, sodium hydroxide, salt, herbs, spices and essential oils. They do not contain soap masses and saponified oils!

For a longer product life, it is recommended to keep it dry on a rack or on a sponge.

Quantity: 100 gr

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