Mouriki Honey - Premium Honey Kit (3X40gr)


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Trilogy of thyme, pine, oak honey. The ideal Greek gift of nature!

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Mouriki Greek Premium Honey is a family serving nomadic beekeeping since the early 1960s.

Their beekeeping history started with our father Anastasios Mourikis and continues with the family's children Panagiotis and Maria where they took over the reins of the beekeeping business from a very young age.

The luxurious gift box of Mouriki Greek Premium Honey ,with its impeccable geometry, its award-winning and exclusive , innovative design acquired a smaller size and the trilogy (thyme, pine, oak honey ) is the ideal Greek gift of nature. We show our love, hospitality and gratitude with a Greek gift, a small work of art.

Quantity: 3X40 gr

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