Liasto - Sundried Tomato With Olive Oil (Jar), 280gr


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Liasto is a vertically integrated business that selects the seed, grows the plants in proprietary greenhouses and cultivates them in its own fields. For the production of sun-dried tomatoes, tomato varieties with a long, cylindrical Roma type shape are used. The best, healthy and fully red tomatoes are selected, washed, cut in half, salted and spread out to receive the beneficial power of the sun and the cool breeze.

The sun-dried tomato made at Liasto is from selected tomato varieties with a high content of lycopene, the ingredient responsible for its red color and known for its anti-cancer properties, as well as a high degree of °Brix, responsible for its sweet taste . It does not contain sulfites, preservatives or other improvers.

Quantity: 280 gr

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