Grevena Mushroom Products - Wide Lasagne With Saffron & Wild Mushrooms, 500gr


A special combination, noodles with King Mushroom, Crocus and Nettle powder!

Tags: Vegetarian Vegan Fasting Pasta

In 2007, the journey of our mushrooms began with excessive appetite and love, through the daily trips to the mountain to collect mushrooms. Among the contributors of the mushroom research, Fotis Paraskevaidis, the "CHIEF" of the "mushroom" forum and the volunteers of the Festival, is taking mushrooms one step further.

Homemade pasta with fresh eggs, fresh milk and 100% flour and grains from Grevena!

A special combination, noodles with King Mushroom, Saffron and Nettle powder!

Crocus, or the Greek saffron, gives our food deliciousness, but it also has many medicinal properties, thanks to two ingredients, picrocrocin and crocin!

At the same time, the nettle is rich in vitamins, calcium and has a strong antioxidant effect!

Ready in 3-4 minutes, ideal with a red sauce, vegetables or even meat!!!

Quantity: 500 gr

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