Grevena Mushroom Products - Agarico Village Style Sauce


Zarkadisio, Makrolepioti the tall, bears fruit from April to December. Its flesh is white, with a pleasant mushroom smell and a hazelnut taste!

Tags: Vegetarian Vegan Fasting Accompaniments

In 2007, the journey of our mushrooms began with excessive appetite and love, through the daily trips to the mountain to collect mushrooms. Among the contributors of the mushroom research, Fotis Paraskevaidis, the "CHIEF" of the "mushroom" forum and the volunteers of the Festival, is taking mushrooms one step further.

We took the Agaric disporo, a cultivated mushroom with pleasant smell and taste, nutritious and healthy, rich in proteins and mineral salts and we created a rustic delicious sauce!

Ingredients: Agaric mushroom, fresh Grevena tomato, onion, carrot, basil, fresh oregano, fresh thyme, a bit of salt & sugar, parsley and olive oil.

Ideal for pasta, dip for breadsticks and pizza!

Quantity: 370 gr

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