Grevena Mushroom Products - Wild Garlic Spread, 200gr


A unique product that you can use either as an ointment or as a "spice" in your food! It is naturally odorless after consumption and this is because the protein is bound to sulphur!

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In 2007, the journey of our mushrooms began with excessive appetite and love, through the daily trips to the mountain to collect mushrooms. Among the contributors of the mushroom research, Fotis Paraskevaidis, the "CHIEF" of the "mushroom" forum and the volunteers of the Festival, is taking mushrooms one step further.

An original and tasty product, pate with wild Volitis mushroom! 

The Volitis mushrooms were collected one by one, combined with fresh vegetables and herbs from the region of Grevena, extra virgin olive oil, salt and white balsamic vinegar!

You can use it as an ointment, in salads or even in your food when it is hot to melt the pate and give all the aromas of Volitis!

Quantity: 200gr

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