Green Land - Calamata Olives with Herbs Vacuum, 250g


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Tags: Gluten Free Fasting Olives & Olive Oil Bio Vegetarian Vegan

Green Land Co-farming has a long track record of successful activity in the production and sale of olive products.The Xeroyannis brothers came together in 2013, after a difficult period of economic crisis, and created the upper group, which consists of young farmers and food technologists, based in Sterna Messinia.

Today, Green Land Co-farming cultivates a large number of olive trees, covering a thousand acres of land. Two years after its inception, Green Land Co-farming expanded its activities to include the production of olive straw. In fact, in order to differentiate themselves from the market and compete with the production capacity of the various other companies in the olive sector, the Xiroyannis family reverted to the traditional recipe of digging and peeling the olive.

Calamata Olives with Herbs Vacuum.