Rovies Coop - "Kalamon" Black Olives BIO


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Rovies Coop - "Kalamon" Black Olives BIO

Tags: Gluten Free Fasting Olives & Olive Oil Bio Vegetarian Vegan Coop

Hand selected, traditionally cured organic Kalamata olives in brine from Rovies, a single estate grove on the picturesque Greek island of Evia. Ingredients: Kalamata Olives (58%), Water, Salt, Acidity Regulator (Lactic Acid).

From famous Greek variety known as "Kalamata" or “Kalamon” Olives.
Organically grown and exclusively collected by hand.  Processed by the Natural Greek Traditional Method.
Enjoy these delicious Kalamon olives as a meze for ouzo. Also as a delicious ingredient in the traditional Greek salad, in pizzas, pasta, pies and bread .

The Rovies’ olive grove, with more than 100 years of history, extends from the coast up to the feet of the surrounding mountains and covers a surface of 350 hectares with 70.000 olive trees.
The Agricultural Cooperative of Rovies in North Evia was founded in 1978, having as its main goal the protection of its members’ income and produce which comes mainly from the olive grove in Rovies, ensuring its best quality and taste.