Marianum Seed - Milk Thistle Flour BIO, 100ml


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Olfita marianum 230gr is included in Doy-Pack with aluminum lining.

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The MARIANUM SEED company cultivates, produces, processes and standardizes according to its own standards. Thus, its products reach the consumer unchanged with the best quality specifications and affordable prices.

Olfita marianum 230gr is included in Doy-Pack with aluminum lining.

Product rich in proteins 18.2g, carbohydrates 22.8g, dietary fiber 38.26g, and other useful substances that the healing plant contains. This excellent Plantae-Vegan product is produced from the dried mixture of breadcrumbs resulting from the removal of oil (cold pressing method).

Recommended uses:

Excellent addition to breakfast, in the bakery as a supplement for the preparation of bread, ideal for pizzas, pies, bars and various pastries based on dough, cookies, cakes, etc. In cooking, in the preparation of minced meat, burgers, meatballs, etc., for breading schnitzels, chicken bites, etc.

What is milk thistle?

Its botanical name is 'Silybum Marianum' and it is a herbaceous plant from the Asteraceae family. It thrives mainly in Mediterranean countries but is now found all over the world. The height of the plant reaches 2 meters and its flower is a red-purple spiky flower.

Firsly mentioned as early as the 4th century by Theophrastus, who called it Pternix, and then by Dioscorides as a healer of wounds. The active ingredient of milk thistle is called silymarin, which provides many benefits to human health.

In addition, it has a cosmetic use.