Bee Naturalles - Forest &Blue Thorn BIO, 450gr


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  • Βάρος: 450 gr
Bee Naturalles - Forest &Blue Thorn BIO, 450gr

Tags: Superfood Energy Wellness Kid Friendly Greek Breakfast Bio Vegetarian Honey

Bee Naturalles’ organic forest honey is collected from the mythical woodlands of Central Greece. The unique combination of honeydews (fir, pine, oak) with wild flowers and herbs that grow in the virgin forests untouched by human activity gives this rare polyflora honey rich taste, superb texture and intense delicious flavors.

It's being characterized as a highly nutritive honey that provides a plethora of beneficial properties. Rich in micronutrients, singular organoleptic properties and enzymes with maximum antioxidant activity.

A spoonful of extremely balanced taste, dense smooth consistency in the mouth, a singular intriguing honey that you are going to love it from the very first date! Wild mountain "meloura", as it is traditionally named. Superb consistency with variale botanical origin from our honeybees' journey at the alpine and subalpine virgin mountainsides!