Apipharm - Royal Jelly


  • Brands Apipharm
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  • Weight: 20 gr
Perhaps one of the most nutritious honeys in the world. It has a balanced sweetness with caramel tones and a strong aroma.

Tags: Superfood Energy Build-up Honey

ApiPharm collects the best quality Greek honey products directly from the beekeeper. Production is based on traditional methods which, together with strict quality controls, guarantee its high quality.

The royal jelly of Apipharm is a natural product without any additional preservative fragrances or colorants. Produced by traditional beekeeping methods. Strict hygienic rules are applied in every stage of production that, in combination with ongoing laboratory testing, ensure high and consistent quality of the product.

The organic Apipharm royal jelly is certified and free of any chemicals.

Quantity: 20 gr

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