Aetheleon - Oregano Floral Water BIO


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Aetheleon - Oregano Organic Floral Water. Ideal for situations that require gentle, natural antimicrobial care.

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At the aetheleon estate, in Lagadas, Thessaloniki, organic Greek oregano is grown, as well as lavender, rosemary, sage and various native plants, such as sedum, chamomile and lemon thyme. Distillation is always done immediately after harvest, on the same day, because the best quality essential oil is produced from freshly harvested plants.

Organic Oregano Flower Water is ideal for gentle, natural antimicrobial care.

Produced in Greece with organic distillation of origanum vulgare ssp. Hirtum.

* Properties: Mild anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial (antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral action).

Quantity: 100 ml

Producer - Open Farm:

*Caution: Herbal and natural products are and should be treated as medicines. Always consult your doctor when using herbs to treat a health problem.