Agkatha's Farm - Peach Spread with Chia, 240gr


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A burst of white truffle scent with a fruity apple touch. A sweet-sour dip that's great for brownies, paired with roasted vegetables, yellow cheeses, roasted meat, hunting, and bread-based appetizers. Without any preservatives.

Tags: Energy Fasting Vegetaria Vegan Energy Kid Friendly Greek Breakfast

  • Having studied agriculture, Zoe Bratskidou and her husband decided to return to rural life and stay permanently in Amathia, specifically in the village of Agathia. There, an eco-industry of traditional products, Agkathas Farm, is created. As they say, the 115-acre farm produces and markets high-nutrient traditional and diversified fruit products, enriched with nature's superfoods, without additives and preservatives, straight from the farm in pots.

    'Chia' a word which in ancient times according to the Mayans meant 'strength' Jam made from fresh Imathian peach compote, enriched with fiber, Ω3, protein, minerals and antioxidants thanks to the chia seeds it contains. We replaced sugar with grape juice and did not add preservatives or other harmful ingredients. If you like gourmet cuisine, then with this explosive chutney you can prepare special meat dishes, cheese plates and whatever else your taste and imagination demand.
    Quantity: 240gr