Fasting and Healthy Choices - Hot version


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Fasting and Healthy Choices

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A selection of three excellent products of the Mediterranean diet from visitable farms in Florina, Trikala and Chios.

Try them in combination or individually. For fasting, or as a healthy choice.

- Naoumidis - Filetopiperia

Roasted sweet Red authentic Florina Peppers and hot red authentic Florina Peppers, with extra virgin olive oil, salt, walnut, spices and vinegar. Peeled by hand in order to keep the original flavors. 

A jar of 260ml contains 3 kg of fresh peppers and is cooked for 3 hours for peppers’ concentration.

Handmade organic product, pasteurized without preservatives.

Served as an appetizer, bread spread, dipping sauce.

Glass jar 260ml.

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-  EcoGaia Farm - Mix for Falafel (Chickpea Meatballs)

Chickpea flour, oatmeal and various dried vegetables and spices create a delicious ready mix.

Vegetarian product without chemicals (pesticides and chemical fertilizers) or genetically modified products.

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- Myrovolos Organics - pickled caper 

Ingredients: Capers, water, salt, vinegar

Capers (Capparis spinosa) can be added raw (as they are in their normal form) in salads, sandwiches, or they can be cooked with fish, meat, pasta and almost with all foods, giving a spicy and special taste.

They can be helpful in relieving stomach aches and swelling. Also, they help control blood sugar levels. Therefore, capers can be used directly on the skin, in order to keep it hydrated.

After opening, store it in the refrigerator for 20 days.

Net Weight: 300g and 10.58oz

* Definitely herbs and herbs cannot replace medical treatment, but it can be

supportive. It is useful for the patient to consult his doctor.

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- Naoumidis -Piperokama- Sundried Hot  

Sun-dried smoked red-hot authentic Florina pepper, grated. Handmade organic product, without

preservatives. It is added to all foods giving a hint of hot. Glass jar 40gr