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Natural Farm Cosmetics

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Beauty is an expression of health. The products we use on our skin, face and hair are "food"for our body. Nature is a source of life.
We propose you unique natural beauty products directly from the farm (Lavender, Aloe, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Beeswax).

Herbal and natural cosmetics  contain vitamins, essential oils and many other natural ingredients and natural fragrances. 

  • Sotirale Family  (Neapolis ,Lakonia),  Natural Wax Cream Rose, balsam oil,  Packaging: 100 gr
  • PANDROSIA  (Kos) , 100% organic aloe vera gel for face and body - Contains: 95% organic aloe vera, organic olive oil & vitamin Ε. Packaging: 200 ml  
  • LEVANTHOS (Grevena) Lavender Flower Water (spay), Packaging: 100 ml
  • AGALIS (Vonitsa , Aitoloakarnania), Classic bar soap made from extra virgin olive oil, combined with a rich blend of butter and oils.

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